The most recent audiovisual installation by CIAC researcher Rudolfo Quintas will be inaugurated on June 23, 2022, at 7pm. Entitled Can I Hear You Dance?, the installation will be open at Galeria Mono Lisboa, until June 27th, from 3 pm to 8 pm. It is a creation by Rudolfo Quintas with Luís Oliveira, Joana Gomes, Hugo Marmelada, Oma Nata and Aya Koretzky.

Can I Hear You Dance? proposes an intimate and inclusive relationship between human beings and nature. This relationship was developed from the idea of “eco-acoustic incorporation”, which consists in the creation and apprehension of sounds produced by the corporal expression in the environment. Rodolfo Quintas worked on this concept as part of his research on how to feel the body in mediation with technology.

In this installation, attention is given to the experience that arises from mutual causality and the dialogue established through listening and movement and, therefore, the artist invites two blind people for an immersion in nature.

Inclusive visits are planned for June 25 and 26, at 3pm. These visits are co-organized by ADEB, ARP, and ACAPO.

On June 27, at 7pm, a conversation about the project’s artistic research is also planned, moderated by curator Raquel Castro, with the participation of CIAC coordinator Mirian Tavares and artist-researcher Rudolfo Quintas. The experiences, technologies, artistic concepts and laboratories already developed will be described, followed by a dialogue with the public. Luís Oliveira and Joana Gomes (the two blind participants of the project) will share, at this moment, their experience.

To attend this talk, it is necessary to make a reservation through the e-mail info@monolisboa.com.