Deriva Continentais [Continental Drift] Series with Bertílio Martins

On July 09, at 4:00 p.m., the Ermida de N. Sra. of Guadalupe welcomes the third part in the Deriva Continentais Series, by artist and CIAC collaborator Bertílio Martins.

This artistic intervention is presented as a poetic approach to the presence of the ‘Vicentine megalithic group’ (more than two hundred menhirs can be found in the municipality of Vila do Bispo; there is large concentration in sites close to the Ermida building, such as the Milrei group). The artist regulates his creative process, in this intervention, by questioning the subject matter, where this is the glue that supports a production of meaning.

Sandro William Junqueira, writer, actor and director, will present, at 5:00 p.m., on the day the exhibition opens, a staged reading in an approximation and/or shock, in a “drift” with relation to the installation of Bertílio Martins.

The words of Húmus by Raul Brandão will accompany the installation. “The reading will direct the transformation that takes place in the process of creation: the humus is the fertile part of the earth, where death and life delve down and merge,” says Sandro W. Junqueira.

Bertílio Martins was born in Faro in 1984.

He has a degree in Visual Arts from the University of the Algarve and collaborates at the Centre for Research in Arts and Communication. He has attended, as part of parallel studies, several artistic residences and workshops, such as “Réplica” (2013) in Tavira, or “Plein Air 11” (2011) in Seville. Since 2009 he has taken part in several collective and solo exhibitions. 2015 – “(Des)envolvimentos Emergents”, Palácio da Galeria, Tavira; “Cadavre Exquis” Casa das Artes de Tavira; 18th Cerveira Biennial. 2013 – “Réplica”, Casa das Artes de Tavira; “7th Contemporary Art Exhibition” exchange between the Rio das Ostras Branch of the Fluminense Federal University and the University of the Algarve, Portugal/Brazil. 2012- “É perigoso olhar para dentro” [It’s dangerous to look inside] at the Trem Gallery, Faro and “Homeless Place”, Lisbon.

Sandro William Junqueira was born in 1974 in Umtali, Rhodesia and currently lives in Portugal.

He has made forays in different artistic fields, including music, sculpture and painting. He has been a graphic designer. He recites poetry and works regularly as an actor and director. He teaches drama. He organises book and reading promotion projects and workshops. He has published O Caderno de Algoz (Caminho, 2009), Um Piano para Cavalos Altos (Caminho e Leya Brasil, 2012). He was one of the eleven writers of the detective novel O Caso do Cadáver Esquisito (Associação Cultural Prado, 2011) and author of one of the short stories in the collection Dez Contos para Ler Sentado (Caminho, 2012). In 2012 he was considered one of the writers for the future by weekly newspaper Expresso.