Art installation of Acácio de Carvalho highlighted at the XX International Art Biennial of Cerveira

In the year that marks the 40th anniversary of the International Art Biennial of Cerveira and still under the European Year of Cultural Heritage, the artist Acácio de Carvalho developed an unprecedented intervention in the Cerveira Castle, which proposes to the public a new reading of the monument : “Assault on the Castle”.

It is a contemporary artistic intervention that is structured through geometric elements, PVC pipes in different colors, creating three-dimensional sculptural forms, structured as if a “assault” to the Castle was, in this case involving itself in the granite stone of the walls, and can be observed from different angles of the surrounding space “. The objective is to work on a theme very close to the spirit of environments and life around the history of castles, with the need for defense that the wall represents, their struggles and their experiences, combining the challenge of the concept of a very physical space own and icon of the village and the contemporary artistic composition, “explains the author.

About the Artist:

Acácio de Carvalho graduated in Fine Arts at the Superior School of Fine Arts of Oporto, completing this first phase of his academic training in 1980. Later he completed his Master’s in Stage Design at Boston University. He has been a set designer for the Braga Theater Company for several decades. He is currently developing a PhD project in Digital Media Art (Universidade Aberta / Universidade do Algarve) and collaborates with the Research  Center for Arts and Communication.

Throughout his career he has participated in numerous collective and solo exhibitions and has won several national prizes, among which the BCP Acquisition Prize in the XI Biennial of V. N. Cerveira in 2001.