CIAC brings to Faro Hanspeter Ammann, the renowned Swiss artist, to the launch of Rocco, his latest photo roman

The Trem Gallery will host a unique event on October 16th. We will be pleased to inaugurate an unpublished exhibition with a selection of inspiring black and white, in large format, photographs from Rocco, the latest photobook created by Hanspeter Ammann in collaboration with the Italian photographer Matteo Pezzi.

Performed in Malaysia with local actors, and inspired by the Visconti film, Rocco and his brothers, it is a production that combines European and Asian elements of artistic expression and that invites us to look and to imagine. Mirian Tavares (CIAC’s coordinator) and Brian Curtin (Bangkok and Saigon) contributed with sublime texts that reflect again an Asian and European approach present in the artist’s projects and vocabulary.

As Mirian Tavares wrote about Rocco, “It is a work made of images trailing through time and following a logic different from progressive, continuous movement (…). The loving gaze of Visconti and of Pasolini is present in Ammann’s work—a love for the characters, for their bodies, and for their imperfections. The camera sneaks in and admires. Delicately it follows each gesture as it records the movement prolonged in every new shot.”

The event will include the European launch of the book Rocco, as well as a round table moderated by CIAC researcher Ana Isabel Soares, in which Hanspeter Ammann, Matteo Pezzi and Mirian Tavares will participate.

The inauguration, as part of the program of the Visual Arts degree at the University of Algarve for the Trem Gallery, is supported by the Swiss Embassy in Lisbon, the CIAC, the FCT, the School of Education and Communication and the City Hall / Municipal Museum of Faro. The event will take place on October 16 at 6:30 p.m.

You’re all invited!

Galeria Trem
Rua do Trem, nº 5
16 OCTOBER 6:30 PM



Hanspeter Amann by Matteo Pezzi

About the artist:

Hanspeter Ammann was born in 1953 in Zurich, Switzerland.  He lives and works today in Zurich, Bangkok and in Shanghai where he runs Shanghai Studio, both an Art Gallery and Bar and has practiced as a Freudian psychoanalysist since 1992.
He started producing Art Videos in the late 70ies when Video Art was a relatively new art form In Europe.
He is involved in many art projects in Bangkok, where he is a consultant at the University of Technology of Architecture and Design of King Mongkut Thonburi.
Hanspeter’s videos have been broadcast on many European stations and he has won a number of prizes and awards at International competitions and festivals. In order to promote video art, this exciting form of artistic expression he started curating International video art shows for museums and festivals some years ago. His video work is also in the collection of The GULBENKIAN Foundation, Lisbon Portugal, the KUNSTHAUS Zurich and others institutions.
His work is distributed by VDB, Chicago USA, the LUX, London, UK and  LIMA, Amsterdam, Holland.