Bruno Mendes da Silva is present in an exhibition at Viçosa, Brazil.

VVideodanças – vídeos que cruzam ciência, arte e documentário autobiográfico: olhares de Portugal e Brasil, an event that brings together the meeting of body, dance and performance with cinematography. The work is authored by three Brazilians and one Portuguese who worked on artistic languages and methodologies so that the viewer perceives the blurring of boundaries between the areas of Dance, Performance, Visual Arts, Cinema and Media Arts.

Artists: Alba Vieira (director and creative interpreter of the Cia Mosaico de Dança Contemporânea), Carlos Tavares, Felipe Menicucci and Bruno Mendes Silva (Portugal).


Creator Interpreters – Alba; Caio Fellype

Special Participation – Edmilson Santos

Music – Pedro Moura

Production – Maristela Lima e Humberto Martins

Dissemination – Erick Paula e Felipe Menicucci

The event is open until October 10 at the Pinacoteca of the Federal University of Viçosa.