Copyright© António Costa Valente – A Espuma e o Leão


Films produced by CIAC researcher António Costa Valente were recently awarded at International Film Festivals.

At The Liverpool Indie Awards (United Kingdom), A Espuma e o leão (a short film directed by Cláudio Jordão and produced by António Costa Valente, with the participation of CIAC), received the award for Best Production For The Animated Film.

The foam and the lion  also won the “Special Jury Award, Best Animated Short Film” at the Tanzania International Film Festival, where Costa Valente was distinguished for other productions: “Best Documentary Short Film” with the documentary Pretu Funguli produced and co-directed with Monica Musoni (documentary that follows the creative process of the Guinean artist Nu Barreto); “Critics Choice Award. Best Documentary Feature film ” with the feature film Family F C produced and directed by André Valentim Almeida (shot around Paris, follows the Football Clubs that originated from the Portuguese emigration); “Special Jury Award, Best International Short Film” with fiction Capa de Honras La Cuonta de l Garotico I L Bielho produced by Costa Valente and directed by Rui Falcão (film spoken in mirandese and shot in a village near Miranda do Douro, with the participation of CIAC); “Best Short Script/Screenplay” for the screenplay Miss the Sea written by Costa Valente and planned for an upcoming animated short film.

The documentary Pretu Funguli, previously awarded in India, has now been distinguished at the Indian awards Cult Critic Movie Awards with the Performing Arts Award;

No International Cosmopolitan Film Festival of Tokyo, an online event, the film A Espuma e o leão received the “Best Produced Short Script” award.

António Costa Valente is a film producer and director, director of the AVANCA Film Festival, professor at the University of Algarve and researcher at CIAC. He has produced and directed films that have been distinguished with more than six hundred awards in festivals on all continents.