Beatriz Cantinho is one of the guest residents of Mala Voadora, with Túlio Rosa, in Project 1989.

From 19th to 30th October, Beatriz Cantinho, choreographer and researcher in Aesthetics and Performance Studies, conducting her postdoc at this Research Center, will be immerse in an artistic residence at Mala Voadora. This residence, held in collaboration with Hosek Contemporary, will take place in Porto and will include a public performance performance of 1989 on October 27 at 6 pm.

1989 is a provisional title of a work under construction developed by Túlio Rosa throughout this year, with numerous national and international collaborations.

“If 1989 is at the root of the reality we are experiencing today, what possibilities can be opened in a return movement? How can revisiting history, the materiality it has left us, be a potent resource for thinking about the present? the legacy of those images, the reports and discourses that were inaugurated there? How can we resize that past, find in it another set of relationships that can update a future? ”

More information: Mala Voadora.