Garrett Online

Garrett Online

GARRETTONLINE is a resource that will soon enrich the universe of

Developed by Sandra Boto, a CIAC researcher, the GARRETTONLINE project prepares a digital critical edition of the ‘Romanceiro’, an unfinished work by Almeida Garrett (1799-1854) and located at the confluence between the oral tradition and the poetic creativity of the author. The edition seeks to reflect precisely about the encounter between these two worlds: the written word and that of the memorized/sung word .

The project to digitally publish Almeida Garrett’s Romanceiro(1799-1854) began in 2013 after a long preliminary stage of study and analysis of all the known testimonies related to this work bequeathed by the Portuguese romantic poet. In addition to the printed collections of novels that he published in his lifetime and the complete or fragmentary versions, printed in plays or in his own prose, Garrett also left us an abundant manuscript (essentially composed of autographs), dispersed by different documentary centers located in Portugal.

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