CIAC’s LIT&TOUR – Research Group in Literature and Tourism, is organizing the II International Symposium on Literary Methodologies and Tourism and Literary Tourism, which will take place on 13 October 2023. The program starts with presentations in the morning (from 9h30 to 12h30) at the Islamic Baths of Loulé, and goes on in the afternoon with a literary tour (from 14h30 to 16h30), promoted by the Municipality of Loulé.

The event constitutes an opportunity to learn about and reflect upon a set of projects related to the rehabilitation and reinterpretation of spaces (neighborhoods, parks, hotels) through a connection to literary heritage.

The study of interactions between Literature and Tourism, within which Literary Tourism is situated, has experienced remarkable growth. The awareness among academia, government entities, and private individuals regarding the potential of literary tourism as an alternative or
complement to offerings provided by other segments of tourism is at the core of the almost daily emergence of new proposals for products
and experiences around the world.

Assuming that literary tourism can be a tool for promoting literature, territory, and heritage, while simultaneously contributing to the economic development of a region, LIT&TOUR, the Research Group in Literature and Tourism at the Research Center in Arts and Communication at the University of Algarve, once again invites a group of speakers who have developed and promoted activities of excellence in this field to share their methodologies with students, researchers, local authorities, and tourism professionals.

The event is free of charge, registrations here. The number of participants is limited to the capacity of the room. Download the program here.