CIAC was present at the International Congress on 21st Century Literacies (ICCL2021), with a presentation by the researcher João Pinto, in co-authorship with professors Teresa Cardoso (Aberta University) and Ana Isabel Soares (University of Algarve), under the title “Portuguese National Film Plan, Literacies and Social Networks – Mapping good practices during the COVID-19 confinement”.

In this work, the authors identified good practices in the use of Social Networks by the National Cinema Plan (PNC) during school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. To this end, they mapped the PNC’s digital presence on social networks, highlighting good practices among interactions, publications and content. In the period under analysis, the results show that online social networks proved to be a fruitful field of work. For the PNC, social networks constitute spaces for action and work, envisaging a virtualization of the Plan in line with the new dynamics of society in general, and of education in particular.

This communication refers to the research project entitled “Education, Cinema and Social Networks: an investigation into the National Film Plan”, hosted by CIAC, with funding from the Foundation for Science and Technology and integrated in the PhD in Digital Media Arts by the researcher João Pinto, under the scientific supervision of co-authors Teresa Cardoso and Ana Isabel Soares.

The International Congress on 21st Century Literacies (ICCL2021) promoted literacy in different areas of knowledge as part of the right to education.