On 10 September 2022, the composition Pulsar (2022), by CIAC researcher Hugo Paquete, is presented on the Sonic Sunday: Medium Sonorum Concert, at Ars Eletronica Festival 2022, in Linz (Austria). It consists of a multichannel acoustic composition that investigates extraterrestrial sound and rhythmic sound radiation as a vast landscape of dynamic audio formats found in the universe.

Pulsar is a micro and macro sonic study of pulsars, which can only be found in electromagnetic spectrum regions equally obscure and unknown. This piece is a sequel of the composition created for the multimedia dance performance Cosmos (2018), by Chris Ziegler, which was commissioned and presented at the ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe (Germany).

Hugo Paquete integrates into his composition elements that generate sound and music, using commercial and military satellites (through a process of acquisition and conversion of real-time sonification of satellite movement data and mixing them with midi-data language). The researcher seeks the collision of science and imagination in auditory perception. He does that by highlighting the autonomy of satellites as questionable performers and agents that produce sound material in an ecosystem of random movements and predefined computational musical laws.

Sonic Sunday: Medium Sonorum Concert is an immersive electronic music concert, dedicated to space music. It is part of the Ars Electronica Festival 2022 program, a “festival for art, technology, and society”, which brings together participants from all over the world, from the fields of science, business, and the creative and artistic field.