UALGzine’s interview with Pedro Alves da Veiga, CIAC researcher and vice-director of the PhD in Digital Media-Art (DMAD), can now be found in the digital version of the magazine. Dedicated to UAlg’s PhDs, this issue reveals the career of 22 PhD students, focusing on the stories resulting from their research projects and their contribution to the production/transfer of knowledge to society.

Currently, Pedro Alves da Veiga explores two lines of research. One is related to the artistic practice in digital media art, mainly connected to the aspect of generative art (and in this context he has also developed a method to support the work of creative research, which he called a/r/cography (art+research+communication+graphy), inspired by Rita Irwin’s a/r/tography). The other line emerges in the evolution of his doctoral thesis and, at this moment, it is assumed as the most extensive research project: The Museum of Everything Everywhere.

DMAD, which works in association between UAlg and Universidade Aberta (UAb), aims to train professionals in Digital Media Art for the most diverse areas of intervention, whether in research, education, artistic, technological and communicational development. This is a pioneer program in Portugal in the inter-multi- and trans-disciplinary area of digital media-art, and internationally, it is the first doctoral-level experience to operate in a mixed regime.

Through DMAD, CIAC has promoted regular activities that welcome the artistic and scientific work of the PhD students. The DMAD Retreat is a core activity, since it brings together students of the PhD, artists and researchers, and usually involves local authorities, galleries or associations.

In addition to Pedro Alves da Veiga’s interview about DMAD, the latest issue of UALGzine includes testimonials from two CIAC collaborators: Fátima Noronha about the PhD in Language Sciences and Bruno Belmonte about the PhD in Heritage Studies.

The UAlgzine’s main goal is to ensure the dissemination of current information about the scientific, academic and cultural activity of the University of Algarve.