Two new editions of CIAC’s Rotura – Journal of Communication, Culture and Arts are now available online.

The special issue entitled “VI Alfamed International Conference. Social Networks and Citizenship: Cybercultures for learning has its genesis in the VI Alfamed International Conference, held at the end of 2022 in Peru, under the theme “Social Networks and Citizenship: Cybercultures for Learning”, to which ROTURA was associated as a partner publication.

The spread of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), together with the convergence of the media, has created a new space in which prosumers play an important role. The creation, transmission and vertiginous and incessant consumption of content through social networks and digital platforms urge us to analyse strategies and experiences in this field of study. In this sense, it is important to provide places for dialogue around practices related to media literacy, ethics and narratives, which compete in the world of virtuality through news and content.

ROTURA’s sixth edition, dedicated to “Cinemas of the Mediterranean” (v. 3 N.2), has as its main objective to promote research and stimulate critical reflection on cinema, as an expression of the history, culture, and heritage(s) of the Mediterranean. This edition was organized by the Research Group on Film Studies of CIAC.

This thematic dossier originated from the I International Colloquium Cinemas of the Mediterranean, which took place at the University of Algarve in March 2023. The Colloquium brought together 19 researchers from the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Brazil, and Portugal, whose work focuses on the film production of the Mediterranean countries. The seven texts gathered in the latest edition of the Journal reflect this diversity, which makes Mediterranean cinemas a vast field of research rich in possibilities.

The next issue of ROTURA has an open call for papers at the moment, with the theme “Online hate speech: impacts, Prevention, and intervention”. This is an issue that covers topics such as social, political and religious polarization, the spread of hateful ideologies, the promotion of violence through propaganda and online recruitment, and the impact on the well-being of the individuals involved, with implications for the construction of a pluralistic discourse – part of peaceful, just and inclusive societies.

The deadline for the submission of articles is December 7, 2023.