The recently published book Storybits I-Narrative and Digital Media includes contributions from CIAC researchers Juliana Wexel, Bruno Mendes da Silva, Ana Perfeito, and Mirian Tavares. This book edition had as a starting point the scientific-artistic conference StoryBits, which took place at the University of Beira Interior (UBI), in online format, from 21 to 23 April 2022.

“New representations of anatomy and vulva art: a comparative analysis in audiovisual narratives and artivist aesthetics” (by Juliana Wexel and Bruno Mendes da Silva) is a comparative analysis of possible new representations of the anatomy of the vulva and its idiosyncrasies in four audiovisual productions that, through different genres and narrative constructions, point to the dismantling of stereotypes and ancestral taboos related to so-called Female Sexuality. This article aims to evoke a polyphonic discourse as a guide for maintaining discursive democracy in media or transmedia communications, according to the logic of storytelling.

“SAFARA – Lucid Dream 2020: a research based on artistic practice” (by Ana Perfeito and Mirian Tavares) presents the creative process of the performance SAFARA-Lucid Dream 2020, a research object of Ph.D. student Ana Perfeito, as part of the Ph.D. in Digital Media-Art. The work consists of a twenty-minute short film, with the performer positioned in front of the projection while manipulating the audiovisual elements in real-time.

StoryBits I-Narrative and Digital Media is divided into two parts: the first, “digital narratives: concepts in Debate,” brings together a set of texts that discuss theoretical frameworks; the second, entitled “Digital narratives: creation processes,” is constituted of a set of texts dedicated to creative experiences in digital support, making for various creative possibilities.

StoryBits is an event organized by LabCom-Comunicação e Artes to promote discussion about digital media and the diversity of methods for creating and producing narratives that emerge from the digital context.

The book is available for download here.