CIAC promotes Oficina DESASSOSSEGO REMIX 5: ARCHIVE LdoD with Manuel Portela.

In June, the University of Algarve receives the researcher Manuel Portela (FLUC/CLP) for an  workshop around the LdoD Archive, a collaborative digital archive of Fernando Pessoa’s book Livro do Desassossego.

In addition to reading and comparing transcripts, the workshop will allow users to collaborate in the creation of a virtual edition of the Book Livro do Desassossego, combining a representational principle with a simulative principle: the first is the representation of the history, the processes of writing and the edition of the Book; the second is the possibility for users to assume different roles in the literary process (read, edit, write), using the flexibility of the digital medium to experience the Livro do Desassossego as a literary machine.

The Workshop DESASSOSSEGO REMIX 5: ARQUIVO LdoD will take place in the 13th of June, at 2:30 p.m., in room 1.6 of the Building 1 of Campus de Gambelas.

Registration is free and confers a certificate of participation, but it has a limited number of participants (20). Inscriptions available here until the 5th of June.

Work proposal of the Workshop can be consulted in this Link.

Manuel Portela is a full Professor from Coimbra UNiversity. You can follow here is biography and his work.