CIAC collaborators publish in Revista LÓGOS – Biblioteca do Tempo.

Adriana Freire Nogueira and Rui Diniz Monteiro have just published two articles in issue number two of the literary magazine LÓGOS – Biblioteca do Tempo (in paper format). LÓGOS is a publication that arises from the need to give voice to critical thinking within the scope of literature, philosophy and psychology to broaden the discussion in these areas and disseminate literary texts (essay, interview, literature, poetry) and illustration.

Bibliographic references of the published articles::

MONTEIRO, R. (2018) «Horácio e a Vida em Cada Dia – Contributos da Psicologia». Revista LÓGOS – Biblioteca do Tempo nº2, Abril, pp. 37-41
NOGUEIRA, A. F. (2018). «“O que se ergue do fogo é um lugar-corpo”. Leituras da poesia de Adília César». Revista LÓGOS – Biblioteca do Tempo nº2, Abril, pp. 113-119.

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