The 7º Retiro do Doutoramento em Média-Arte Digital, this year, brings together teachers and students in Óbidos under the motto “Ad astra per aspera”. The program of the Meeting, which runs from 22nd to 26th July, is truly unique, in its multidimensionality, well visible in the various sessions that will be held: Art, Communication and Contemporaneity, Geometry and Visual Immersion, Artistic Intervention and Interculturality, Media and Digital Art, Research Methods, Narratives and Digital Games, Body Poetics and Digital Performance; Sensors and Actuators and Sound and Digital Music.

The Doctoral Retreat is a high point of the first year of the PhD in Media-Digital Art, in which students, professors, guests and the general public share a common space for the enjoyment of ideas, artistic experimentation, analysis of results and launching of future challenges.

Once again, the DMAD doctoral retreat adopts the motto “through adversity on the way to the stars”, as a symbol of perseverance, in a project that, having pioneered in Portugal, does not hesitate to reinvent itself and adapt, in order to meet the aspirations of its students.

In this sense, and for the first time, the DMAD Retreat presents a web presence that replaces the customary printed “Livro de Bordo“. The aim is to guarantee the permanent updating of the contents, the ease of consultation through computers and mobile devices and, above all, to create a dynamic and historical repository, where it is possible to consult in a simple way the entire geographical, cultural, scientific and artistic – of the DMAD in years to come.

When choosing Óbidos for the second time, for many teachers this represents a kind of “homecoming”, but the truth is that we will also be in a new house, and new in every way.

The Casa José Saramago, which welcomes us, is also a project of renewal and reinvention in a village that does not hesitate to embrace its various dimensions – historical, cultural, literary, gastronomic – as it also bets on opening up to the digital and forms of expression of the new media.