5th Digital Media Arts PhD Retreat takes place in Faro between July 08 and 14

The Universidade Aberta and the University of the Algarve come together, for the fifth year in a row, to hold the Digital Media Arts PhD Retreat, to be held this year in the city of Faro, from July 08 to 14.

As usual, the retreat’s programme, this year under the motto: Audentes fortuna iuuat, quoting Virgil (1st century BC), which we can translate as “fortune favours the bold”, includes forum discussions and thematic seminars, art intervention actions, exhibition of digital media arts artefacts, presentation, discussion and assessment of thesis projects, as well as specific actions, planned to fully occupy the city of Faro – but also that of Olhão – which welcomes us.

The PhD retreat, which represents a high point of the first year of the PhD in Digital Media Arts, in which students, professors, guests and the general public share a common space for enjoying ideas, analysing and launching future challenges, was only made possible this year thanks to the support provided by the Ginásio Clube de Faro, a non-profit recreational and educational association, which bases its action on fostering activities of a cultural and recreational nature, by the welcome given by the Club Farense and by the collaboration with the Centro Ciência Viva do Algarve [Algarve Living Science Centre], venues where several actions of the retreat take place. It is also worth noting the support of the Municipal Council of Olhão, which kindly provided the retreat with a bus for the trips between Faro and Olhão.

View a summary of the programme here; and here the Logbook detailing the entire programme and interventions of this 5th retreat.