The second issue of ROTURA – Revista de Comunicação, Cultura e Artes [ROTURA – Communication, Culture and Arts Journal], from CIAC, is now available online. Entitled “Processos de Criação”, this is a thematic dossier that reflects on creative processes and the importance of the theories of arts and communication that guide them.

Receiving original research papers, “Processos de Criação” publishes studies focused on creation in theater, dance, literature, design, visual arts, sound arts, digital art, and audiovisual, among others. It presents approaches to the theory of creation; the interactions between arts and communication; contemporary poetics; materialities of creation; group creation; and creation and reception.

The thematic dossier presents procedural approaches such as the Teoria Crítica dos Processos de Criação, by Cecília Almeida Salles (in “Grupo XIX and Roberto Alencar: drifting memories – scenic practices in the perspective of critical theory of creation processes”, by Paula Martinelli and Wagner de Miranda); the A/r/tografia, by Stephanie Springgay, Rita Irwin and Sylvia Kind (in “Method and register: a proposal for using a/r/cography and digital logbooks for research focused on creation and artistic practice in digital media art,” by Pedro Alves da Veiga); the study of Disseminations and Convergences, by Joy Guilford (in “Diagrammatic Strategies in Graphic Creation: Dissemination and Convergence”, by Cláudia Amandi and Paulo Freire Almeida); Theory of Affects by Espinosa-Deleuze’s (in “Sensitive processes of communication: art as a space of possible listening”, by Lucília Borges); or the concept of “commentary” in Foucault (in “Do-commentary: Gills in Documentary of the process of artistic search”, by Catarina Almeida).

Under the direction of CIAC coordinators Mirian Tavares and Bruno Mendes da Silva, the second issue of ROTURA was edited by the Center’s researchers Cecília Almeida Salles, Jorge Carrega, Patrícia Dourado, and Susana Costa.

The next issue, scheduled to be released in 2022, will have “Journalism and Media Literacy” as its theme. The deadline for the call for papers was extended until the 31st of October . There will be accepted original articles (written in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French) if they address the following topics: journalism and professional practices in the digital context; media access and online information consumption; projects, actions and tools for the development of media literacy; quality practices in the field of information media; and media literacy in the development of citizenship and democracy.

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