INVITRO holds “Hybrid documentaries: subjective aesthetics” seminar with Denize Araújo

The “Hybrid documentaries: subjective aesthetics” seminar analyses three Brazilian films, which, although classified as documentaries, contain scenes of subjectivity that challenge their classifications, blending subjective memory with factual accuracy, revealing poetic passages and creating images that fall outside the classic concept of documentary. The corpus of the study includes the films Elena, by director Petra Costa (2012), Meu Amigo Hindu, by Hector Babenco (2015) and Chico-artista brasileiro, by Miguel Faria Jr. (2013). In the quest for terminology that may help loosely define the selected films, the first is referred to as “tribute-documentary”, the second as “autobiographical documentary” and the third as “biopic”. The theoretical reference basis includes concepts by Arlindo Machado, Beatriz Sarlo, Jacques Derrida, Julia Kristeva and John Grierson.

About Denize Araújo:
Denize Araújo is a film researcher, with a PhD in Comparative Literature, Film and Arts, from the UCR-University of California, Riverside, USA and a Post-Doctorate in Film and Arts, from UAlg-University of the Algarve, Faro, Portugal. She coordinates post-doctorate studies in film at UTP – Tuiuti do Paraná University, where she teaches the master’s and PhD courses in Communication and Languages, in the area of Research in Film and Audiovisual Studies. She is the director of the ‘Clipagem – Contemporary Culture Centre’ and a member of the International Council of the IAMCR- International Association of Media and Communication Research.

Admission is free, but subject to registration.

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