Adriana Nogueira invited to talk about books and readings in the antiquity

Adriana Nogueira, professor in Universidade do Algarve with a doctoral degree in Classic Literature and Culture will be the next invited guest speaker for the Cycle of lectures “Livro: passado, presente e futuro” (Book: past, present and future), taking place on the next 9th of May, by 06h00am, in the library Álvaro de Campos, in Tavira.

About the lecture:

The lecture will treat about books, libraries and readings in the classical antiquity, addressing topics so contemporary as copies, plagiarism and copyright. It will also present some proposals on how to better benefit from what has been left in heritage by the classic authors, namely, how to enjoy, with the best quality possible, the reading of the texts from classical Antiquity.

About the speaker:

Adriana Freire Nogueira, Doctor in Literatura e Cultura Clássica, is currently Director of the Library of Universidade do Algarve and professor in the Department of Arts and Humanities. She has published a vast work in the area of the classical studies, which include translations of works of great cultural importance (such as Euthydemus and Theaetetus, by Plato). She has presented numerous lectures in conferences, both in Portugal and abroad. Adriana Freire Nogueira is also writer of children’s books (“As verdadeiras aventuras de Hércules” and “As novas aventuras de Hércules”) and is author of a blog, “A Senhora de Sócrates”, in which she offers notes on classic texts as reflections to topics relevant to the present day. About herself, she says that she is classicist and an enthusiast of other types of knowledge. Her participation as resident chronicler in the supplement of Cultura Sul of the newspaper Postal do Algarve, as well as the Reading Clubs she has been promoting, clearly show that her multifaceted nature.