Visual Arts Series

Visual Arts Series


Visual Arts Series 2017/2018 kicks off on November 14 with the guests Vasco Vidigal and Ana André, responsible for the Artadentro – Arte Contemporânea Association, an institution based in Faro, whose priority area of intervention is the Algarve.

The program for the first semester of this edition of the Visual Arts Series also includes the presence of Marco Lopes, on November 21, current director of the Municipal Museum of Faro and Head of the Division of Culture, Museums, Archeology and Restoration in The Minicipality of Faro since 2011. Finally, the artists Soraya Vasconcelos and Margarida Palma will be present at this edition of the CAV, on 12 December.

The sessions take place, as usual, at 3:30 pm, in auditorium 0.4 in Penha Campus Pedagogical Complex.


About Artadentro Association:

The association Artadentro – Arte Contemporânea is directed by the artists Vasco Vidigal and Ana André, it has been in business since August 2003 and it was constituted on August 14, 2007, in Faro, as a cultural and non-profit association. Artadentro – Arte Contemporânea- Association, with its associates and collaborators from Algarve, but also from other regions of Portugal, continues the work of cultural dynamization in the promotion and dissemination of Contemporary Art, and in the creation, expansion and development of audiences in Algarve. In this sense, it is an institution that disseminates and promotes contemporary plastic production, in its various disciplines, in an aesthetic eclectic and critical point of view. Its essential objectives are: to stimulate artistic, regional and national creation – with particular emphasis on artists ibeginning their careers; to promote works inspired by the local reality, accentuating the experimental side; contribute to developing an audience capable of informed and active involvement in cultural processes. Although it is an institution based in Faro, whose area of ​​priority intervention is the Algarve, it keeps in mind the global dimension of the Visual Arts and the interest in collaborating with other regional, national and international institutions, public or private, that pursue the same purposes.