CIAC joins to the Project BEST MED – Beyond European Sustainable Tourism Med Path – whose main aim is the development of responsible tourism in the Mediterranean, promoting its sustainability.
This project, approved in October 2019, has a budget of almost three million euros and is currently ongoing until June 2022.

BEST MED Project, coordinated by the led partner El Legado Andalusí (Espanha), has eleven partners in nine countries, and the University of Algarve (UAlg) is one of them. Find ways to relive seasonality, minimise the lack of cooperation between the stakeholders involved in the touristic process in the Mediterranean area, and promote the creation of sustainable destinations at European level, are some of the aims of this project. The development of cultural routes to allow tourists to visit interior areas, promoting the natural and cultural heritage of the Mediterranean area, as the Algarve, is one of the activities to implement.

This initiative, welcomed by Cintrus, has the participation of CIAC researchers, Bruno Mendes da Silva and Mirian Tavares, in the UALG team.

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