Play Your Role: GAMIFICATION AGAINST HATE SPEECH – Rights, Equality and Citizenship

“Play your Role” results from a partnership between 7 international institutions (Italy, Lithuania, Germany, Portugal, Poland and France) among which we can find CIAC (UAlg) as one of the participating partners. The national project team was composed by the researchers Mirian Tavares, Susana Costa and Bruno Mendes da Silva.

This project explored the reinforcement of positive behaviors in adolescents through video games, promoting the awareness and understanding of online hate speech, through the creation of new pedagogical tools (online narratives, pedagogical itineraries and video games), for teachers and youth animators.


  • Empowerment of civil society organizations and schools in countering online hate speech with new pedagogical itineraries for teachers and youth workers, based of video game culture.
  • Increased awareness of youngsters and general public on online hate speech, boosting public perception of the issue.
  • Strengthened cooperation between schools, youth institutions and video game industry in countering hate speech online.

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