Digital Culture – a State of the Art

In this book we invite thinkers who have been working for some time with various aspects of the digital universe and its implications on the culture and products of this culture within our civilization. Here, deontological, pragmatic, programmatic and investigative questions are raised in an attempt to trace a small panorama of what is being done, what is being thought, in the digital area and the relations of artistic and communicational practices, analogical in the passage for new supports and new operating logic.

Coordination: Mirian Tavares e Sandra Boto

Authors: Heitor Alvelos; Sandra Boto; Javier Hernández Ruiz; Claudia Gianetti; Gilbertto Prado; Jorge la Ferla; Bruno Mendes da Silva; Mirian Tavares.

Year: 2018

Publisher: Grácio Editor

ISBN: 978­989­8859­23­5

No. of Pages: 109

Ebook Version: PDF