A Máquina Encravada – A Questão do Tempo nas relações entre cinema, band desenhada e contemporaneidade
[The Jammed Machine – The Question of Time in relationships between film, comic strip and contemporaneity]

Taking the works Taxandria (1994), a film by Raol Servais and Souvenirs de L’Eternel Présent [Memories of the Eternal Present] (1997), a comic strip book by Schuiten & Peeters, as its starting point, this study analyses, on an initial approach, the idea of time in comic strip and film. Striving, above all else, through the study of these works, in which time is the central theme, to understand whether the notion of time in these two media can be seen as the explanation of time in contemporaneity, as defined by the theorists of questions related to postmodernism.

Author: Bruno Mendes da Silva

Year: 2010

Publisher: Editorial Novembro

ISBN: 978-989-8136-49-7

No. of Pages: 160