Kalevala – O Poema Épico Finlandês
[The Kalevala – The Finnish Epic Poem]

The epic text from Finland first appeared in 1835, following the compilation by Elias Lönnrot of songs from the oral tradition in the region of Karelia.

It was the doctor-cum-folklorist’s wish to build and publish a national epic as grand as The Odyssey, the German Nibelungen or The Lusiads – through his efforts, promoting the idea of a Finnish nation, run alternately by Swedish and Russian governments. The 1849 version, considered definitive, still serves today, all over the world, as the cornerstone to studying Finnish literature and culture. The 50 songs that constitute the epic poem contain stories of valiant heroes, amazing singers, poets that cause even stones to become emotional and warriors, whose fervour for combat endangers them in wars of love.

Author: Elias Lönnrot

Translation from Finnish into Portuguese: Meria de Mattos-Parreira and Ana Isabel Soares

Year: 2013

Publisher: Dom Quixote

ISBN: 978-972-20-5141-5

No. of Pages: 608