Artes e Ciências em Diálogo
[Arts and Sciences in Dialogue]

Readers of this polyphonic work will certainly find several reasons for interest. In fact, this book, which appeared as a consequence of an international colloquium held at the University of the Algarve, in January 2013, dedicated to the subject of the relationships between art and science, brings together a considerable number of authors (professors, researchers, artists, etc.), whose texts deal with the multiple approaches possible of relationships between the arts and sciences, in different moments and historical contexts, placing into dialogue as diverse areas as mathematics, physics, biology, literature, film, theatre, painting, history of culture, history of science, medicine, architecture, didactics of science, philosophy, etc. Of course the nature of such dialogues varies greatly, depending on the type of approach taken by each author. Readers will select those with which they most identify, according to their scientific, cultural, artistic, and professional interests.

Author: João Carlos Carvalho

Year: 2013

Publisher: Grácio Editor

ISBN: 978-989-8377-51-0

No. of Pages: 415