Sandra Boto and Pedro Ferré open the month of March’s Science for All Series

The first conference of the “Science for All” Series, of the month of March, “Pan-Hispanic ‘Romanceiro’ Literature: between Literary Archaeology and Digital Humanities” will be held by CIAC Researchers, Sandra Boto and Pedro Ferré.

The conference will take place, as usual, in the Teresa Gamito Amphitheatre, in Building 1 on Gambelas Campus, on March 02, at 2:30 p.m.

The ‘Science for All’ initiative, promoted by the Scientific Research Support Unit, aims essentially to overcome the word barriers that exist between the different fields of science and to encourage interdisciplinarity, enabling the university to better understand itself, bringing academic work closer to the region.

Conference Summary: ‘Romanceiro’ literature is a medieval poetic genre preserved in the collective memory of peoples who speak Portuguese, Mirandese, Catalan, Galician and Castilian up to the present day. Thus, during this session, a brief historical overview of ‘Romanceiro’ literature will be given, while the research carried out and yet to be done within the scope of the project developed by CIAC researchers will be outlined.